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About Us
About Us - Ban Long Medical Hall - TCM - Jurong East

About Us

About Us

Ban Long Medical Hall was founded by the late Mr Oh Chin Huat (胡晋發) in 1957.  Guided by the strong beliefs in honesty and integrity, we provide quality and affordable traditional Chinese herbs and herbal supplement dispensary and healthcare services.

In 1982 relocated to present location at Yuhua Village Jurong East St24 #01-165 Singapore 600252


Our Founder’s Stories


Oh Chin Huat (1931 - 2015)

Mr Oh Chin Huat's ancestral home is Sanlian Village, Xiayang Town, Yongding County. Born in Singapore in 1931. Eight months after birth, she was taken by her mother to live in Jilihuan Building, Sanlian Village, Xiayang Town, Yongding County. As a teenager, he studied at Dongyang Primary School and Yongding Qiaoyu Middle School in his hometown. In 1949, he traveled to Singapore to make a living. After much hard work and gaining experience, he opened the Ban Long Medical Hall in Jurong East, Singapore. He has always been doing business with integrity and is praised.


Public-spirited - Love of Hometown

Mr. Oh, who has a prosperous career, often misses his hometown. In the 1980s, he learned that Jili village did not have running water, so he took the lead in donating money and suggested that overseas folks in Jili raise funds to install water pipes and build pools in his hometown, so that every family in Jili can use clean and sanitary tap water. In 1985, Mr. Oh and others initiated the tripartite overseas Chinese to actively donate funds for the construction of Yangji Highway; from 1998 to 1999, he also raised funds for the construction of Xitou and Jili Cement Village Roads in Sanlian Village; in 2005, he again raised funds to support the paving of cement roads on Yangji Highway.


Sponsoring Education and Medical Care

Mr. Oh is equally affectionate in supporting education and medical care. In 1991, overseas folks returned to visit Qiaoyu Middle School and initiated the "Six Projects" for the reconstruction of Qiaoyu Middle School. He donated money to support the construction of his alma mater; in early 1994, he took the lead in donating money and actively raising funds to build a new school building for Sanlian Primary School and purchase desks, chairs, and teaching equipment, establish a scholarship fund for teaching and learning. In 1998, Mr. Oh and others raised a group of funds to purchase medical equipment for Yongding County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital; in 2004, he solely funded the construction of a scientific and astronomical observatory of the Qiaoyu Middle School, and later donated the construction of Lianghai Cement Road and Nianci Cement Road for overseas Chinese. In 2006, he took the lead in donating and mobilizing overseas Chinese to donate more than 100,000 yuan to support the renovation of the Xiayang Town Senior Activity Center.


Social Honor

Mr. Oh is a very active entrepreneur, and he is very enthusiastic about social welfare undertakings. Therefore, he also holds many social positions, including the chairman of Singapore Eng Teng Association, the vice chairman of Nanyang Hwu Clan General Association, and the first Singapore Hu Clan Association. First Vice Chairman of the Pro-General Assembly and Vice Chairman of the Working Committee, Vice Chairman of Singapore Bukit Panjang Khek Community Guild, and Vice Chairman of Singapore Wuyu Civilian Mutual Aid Association. For the well-being of the overseas Chinese and his hometown, he worked tirelessly and was admired and respected by all walks of life.

Mr. Oh loves his hometown and has the demeanor of a benevolent person. He has made great contributions to the public welfare of his hometown. He was commended by the Longyan Municipal Government and awarded the honorary medal of donation to public welfare.


It started as one of those road side attap shophouses located beside the formally known Joo Haw Public School (公立裕华学校) along the Old Jurong 10th milestone.


Marriage with Lee Fee Yin (1958)


Contributing to the welfare of local community as grassroot leader. Banquet dinner with Mr. Lee Kuan Yew 1962.


It was relocated to nearby new town in which the shop-houses were built surrounding the famous bustling Jurong 10th milestone market (a.k.a. Jurong zhap kok pa sat 裕廊十哩集市 ) in 1968.


Family photo taken in 1972, a month before our 70 years old grandmother embarking her final visit to her home village. Copies of photos were bought back to home village to show to relatives and friends.

Overseas Chinese Spirit: My grandfather